Building A Home Business To Become 6 Figure Earner

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Shortcuts for Building A Home Business

building a home businessThe first thing that you need to know when building a home business to make a six figure income is to know exactly what you want. This is so important. If your answer is to make a lot of money so that you’ll be able to quit your job, or maybe you want time freedom or just to be in control of your own destination, that’s fine but those answer are nonspecific. These are common answers.

What is it that you want that will put passion and fire in you to make you want to just get up and go for it? You really have to know exactly what you want to achieve your results. You’ve got to know exactly what having a six-figure income would mean to you.

What is the lifestyle that you want for you and or your family? What is that problem that can be solved if you achieved a six-figure income from building a home business that’s gnawing at your stomach? What are some of the pleasures that you want and you feel that you really deserve? This is important for you to know.

The second thing you need to know when building a home business is that it will take time. This is not going to be a get-rich-quick business. You must acknowledge that it’s going to take you from eighteen to thirty six months to get there. Yep! But look at it this way… most people don’t make $100,000 in their lifetime after working over 40 years and up to sixty hours a week doing hard work.

Ninety percent of working people will never make $100,000 so to get there in thirty six months is worth the sacrifice and the work that you have to put into building a home business. But to do that there some things that you must do.

That leads you to the third thing that you must do. Break down the numbers to get there. That means nailing down exactly want you need to do to build a home business to make six figures. You’ve really got to write this down.

You will need to make approximately $80,000 per month. What does that mean in your business? How many products do you have to sell? How many distributors do you need? What amount of work do they need to do for you to achieve that six figure income when doing this specifically through your MLM business?

You’ve got to know those numbers. What you focus on grows. What you’re doing is drawing a blueprint for building a home business to achieve your six figure income. You have to have this in your mind. Michael Jordan didn’t shoot a basket without knowing which basket to shoot at.

You’ve got to have this in your mind and in front of you when you’re building a home business, because you need to know what you’re building on that will keep you on track and keep you from wasting time and money on things that won’t get you there.

What you must understand is you are an entrepreneur in the service of you and or your family. You’re not an employee of your business opportunity or company. Your job in not to rally around your business opportunity. Your loyalty is in reaching your goal. That’s what’s important.

You’ve got to do what’s in your best interest. What that means is opening yourself up to the things that work for you. You are an independent contractor. Your company can drop you like a bad habit at any time. Remember that and stay laser focused and clear that you are building a home business for your own future and lifestyle.

Understanding the Basics for Building a Home Business  

The most important words in any business are leverage and cash flow. Without them nothing is going to happen.

Leverage means doing more with less and less. Without leverage it’s impossible to get to six figures. You have to employ other people’s efforts, time and other things to help you to get where you want to be. Leverage allows you to be able to lift more than you can lift alone.

Cash flow is money into your pocket. Most people building a home business go out of business long before they can make any profit because they spend themselves into the MLM graveyard. To deal with this you have to find a way to generate upfront cash whether people join your business or not.

You’ve got to build enough cash flow to stay in business and allow your home business to grow. This is critical to your business. The easiest way to do this is through a funded proposal marketing system.

The best way to do this is to create your own funded proposal marketing system but this is time consuming to start off  and you don’t want to spend 6 or seven months putting that together. Here’s a millionaire shortcut… use someone else’s system. Learn the skills that you need and how it works then develop and use your own. .

It is so useful for you in building a home business because it provides everything you need to generate that all important upfront income so that you can stay in business until you can become profitable and then move into the six figure profits.

Get out of your own way. Grab access to my system.  If you take action, you will get the results you want. Get access to the system that I am using. It’s so simple and effective. It will blow your freakin’ mind! Check it out NOW!

” To Your Success”

~ Lucy Byrd ~

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